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Nick Fulton

Skating since: 1996
August 18th, 1981 in Toronto
Likes to skate:

Favorite spots:
McBlock, LOVE Park (RIP), Barcelona, The Chorniche in Abu Dhabi.
Favorite places:
Japan & Donlands
When I'm not skating, I'm:
sleeping later, grinding now.

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5050 - Morocco 5050 - Morocco Variel Heelflip - Barcelona Variel Heelflip - Barcelona Drop-in - Dubai Drop-in - Dubai
Backside Tailslide to Fakie - Barcelona Backside Tailslide to Fakie... Bump n Grind - Beer Store Bump n Grind - Beer Store Ollie - Taiwan Ollie - Taiwan
Backside Kickflip - Morocco Backside Kickflip - Morocco Backside 5-0 - Dundas Square Street Impact Backside 5-0 - Dundas... Ollie over to Backside Lipslide - SH Ollie over to Backside...
Wallie - Ashbridges Wallie - Ashbridges Backside 180 - The Ex Backside 180 - The Ex Drop-in - Morocco Drop-in - Morocco
Kickflip - The Shwa Kickflip - The Shwa Ollie - EY Library Ollie - EY Library Ollie - Topham Park Ollie - Topham Park
if only you could read that - Morocco if only you could read that... Kickflip - Abandoned Rollerrink Kickflip - Abandoned... Oldskool Boardslide - RH McGregor Oldskool Boardslide - RH...
TripleF Grind - Commerce Court TripleF Grind - Commerce Court Ollie - Bata Ollie - Bata Ollie - Mississauga Library Ollie - Mississauga Library

Nick Fulton - Street War

Posted: Apr 2, 2012

Nick Fulton's part from ButtersOneism's 2011 video "Street War".

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Tags: nick, fulton, buttersoneism

Videos List

Nick Fulton's part from ButtersOneism's 2011 video "Street War".
Nick Fulton's part from ButtersOneism's 2010 video "Get Some".
(4 mins 55 secs)
Collection of 2010 footage from Spain and the ButtersOneism video, Get Some. The song is Moonlight Desires by Gowan...so my mom can enjoy it too.
(4 mins 57 secs)
Barcelona come on!...featuring Pep, Yash & Fulton.  Over the next two months eyskate.com will be the releasing Team EY's new full length Spain tour video "Best in Europe BRO!"...
(5 mins 36 secs)
Changed the music so I could play around with a few of my first timelapse attempts. It's a little raw but gave me some excellent ideas for future projects. Special thanks to Buttersoneism.
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