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Videos from PEPstudios, ZooMediaphile, Bunt Studios & Buttersoneism of Team EY, PSC, friends rippin' up our private park.

EY Loft

EY Loft

EY Loft

EY Loft

Loft Life - Trailer

Posted: Jan 16, 2012

Your favorite 80's family sitcom is back...

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Your favorite 80's family sitcom is back...
(5 mins 13 secs)
ZooMediaPhile made a couple versions of this montage, the Kid Cudi Mr.Rager version was forgotten about until he recently cleaned up a couple hard drives.  Enjoy a remix of EY Skate Loft...
(2 mins 47 secs)
Team EY, Hammer Team & loft locals at the EY Skate Loft - Winter 2011. Video by: ZooMediaPhile
(5 mins 58 secs)
The building of the East York Skate Loft - October 2010. A montage that covers the 31 day process, including: demolition of the CORE Warehouse/Skate Shak, the clean-up, the re-painting, the...
Select 1080p for playback quality for best viewing results.A montage filmed and edited by Will Bartlett with the Red One Camera featuring Nick Pierre at the East York Skate Loft. Shot at 4k...
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